Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters

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Texts and manuscripts

The search target Нисийски occurs in the following text titles

Bg: Надгробно слово за Мелетий Антиохийски от Григорий Нисийски
En: Funeral oration for Meletios of Antioch by Gregory of Nyssa
Ru: Надгробно слово за Мелетия Антиохийского Григория Нисийского

  1. Miscellany of sermons and vitae for September-November, No. 304, Romanian Academy Library, 15th c. (15th c., the beginning, MP304BAB) CODIC TEXTS XML

Bg: Слово за св. Григорий Нисийски
En: Homily on St. Gregory of Nyssa
Ru: Слово о св. Григории Нисийском

  1. Първославов сборник (1350–1360, AB674NBKM) CODIC TEXTS XML