Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters

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Psalter with supplementary materials

Bg: Псалтир с последования; Ru: Следованная псалтирь

LocationSweden, Stockholm, Royal Library. Shelfmark: A857
Date14th c., end - 15th c., beginning
ExtentII+243+III ff. 190 x 140 mm (folia)
FoliationThere are two late foliations
ConditionManuscript is in good condition.
Layout1 column, 15 written lines
Binding Leather binding (original).
(1r-198v) Псалтир
(198v-216r) Песни библейски (десет)
(216r-243v) Избрани псалми за празници
Inscriptions Several glosses in the margns (interpretations and liturgical notes, correction of the words and part of the words. Numbers of the psalms with later hand marked with arabic figures and reordered from 10 to 147 (plus one); the letter 'kopa' is re-edited with Cyrillic ч by this later hand in the margins.
  • Late inscription of f. 9v
  • (V) Сеа книга іванова голѧмыя (глаголемая) псартерь One more, illegible inscription.
Глубоковский 1918
Roubetz, A. A.Les manuscrits slaves de la Bibliothèque Royale de StockholmStockholms.a.
description No. 1
History Date: 14th c., end - 15th c., beginning. Note: The manuscript was written in South Russia, may be Galitzia. Acquisition:

Repertorium identifier: RC-MYA857Stock; Author: Mariya Yovcheva; Editor: Andrej Bojadžiev; Genre: psalter with supplementary materials