Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters

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Calendar of saints

Bg: Месецослов; Ru: Святцы

LocationSweden, Uppsala, University Library. Shelfmark: 9
Date16th-17th c.
Extent179 ff. 85 x 50 mm (folia)
ConditionMay be the book was not in use and that's why it is in good condition. The first folio is missing.
Layout1 column, 21 written lines
Binding Leather binding.
(4r-177v) Месецослов с тропари и кондаци
Inscriptions Additional liturgical notes for readings from the Gospel and from the Apostle on ff. 5r,5v, 6r, 7r, 7v, 9r, 10v.
Глубоковский 1918
Глубоковский 1918
History Date: 16th-17th c. Note:
Глубоковский 1918

Repertorium identifier: RC-MY9Upps; Author: Mariya Yovcheva; Editor: Andrej Bojadžiev; Genre: calendar of saints