Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters

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Horologion with supplemented hymnographic texts

Bg: Часослов с химнографски материали; Ru: Часослов с гимнографическими материалами

LocationSweden, Uppsala, University Library. Shelfmark: 2
Date17th c., last two decades
Extent290 ff. 110 x 80 mm (folia)
ConditionSome of folia were missing and they were restored and replaced with new ones (1-2, 3, 7, 9-10, 25, 31, 77, 79, 162, 164-167, 259, 274-283, 287-289), by a later scribe, possibly in the 17th-18th c.
Layout1 column, 19 21 written lines
Binding Leather binding (original).
(1r-39r) Указания за полунощница
(39r-77r) Молебни служби
(77r-103v) Указания за повечерието
(104r-131v) Октоих възкресен
(132r-145v) Стихири с канон на Христодор патрикий за цялата година
(146r-148r) Евангелски четива, възкръсни
(148r-178v) Тропари и кондаци за празниците от подвижния цикъл
(179r-186v) Тропари и кондаци за дните от седмицата
(187r-289r) Месецослов
Inscriptions Several inscriptions with late shorthand on the front flyleaf and on leaves 103v and 266v; more of them are illegible, but on the ff. 187 to the end of the manuscript there are additional notes with names of the months and some names of saints.
Глубоковский 1918
Глубоковский 1918
History Date: 17th c., last two decades. Note:
Глубоковский 1918

Repertorium identifier: RC-MY2Upps; Author: Mariya Yovcheva; Editor: Andrej Bojadžiev; Genre: horologion; horologion with supplemented hymnographic texts