Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters

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Vita of St. Basil the Young

Bg: Житие на св. Василий Нови; Ru: Житие св. Василия Нового

LocationBulgaria, Sofia, National Library. Shelfmark: 310
Extent84 ff. 150 x 105 mm (folia) 110 x 70 (written)
Collation11 quires.
SignaturesEach quire is signed
Condition4 folia appear to be missing in the beginning of the MS; many folia are disordered. The beginning of the text is in on the f. 36; ff. 1-35 contain the end of the Vita
Layout1 column, 18 written lines
(unknown) Житие на св. Василий Нови
Житихе и жизнь и почести чудесъ сказанихе прѣпѡдобнаго о҃ца нашего Василиꙗ Новаго съписано Грихгорихемь мнихѡм оученикомь егѡ. словои ѡбщемсе готови въ срѣтенїе Г҃ни ꙗко тому пѡдбаеть +
(36v) Колофон
Концъ. Въ лѣто #з҃.с҃.еі҃: рукою моею грѣшнагоІсїдора
History Date: 1707. Place: unknown.

Repertorium identifier: RC-DD310NBKM; Author: Dimitrinka Dimitrova; Editor: Anisava Miltenova, Andrej Bojadžiev; Genre: vita; vita of St. Basil the Young